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KrosFlo Research IIi Tangential Flow Filtration System

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Research IIi Tangential Flow Filtration System

Fully integrated Tangential Flow Filtration System for processing R&D volumes

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The KrosFlo Research IIi Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System is the ideal system for small volume, R&D scale microfiltration and ultrafiltration. Processing volumes range from 1ml to 10L The system consists of the KrosFlo Research IIi Pump and Pump Head, with an integrated KrosFlo Digital Pressure Monitor, KF Comm Data Collection Software, Disposable flow-path kit and Fittings kit, all of which have features that ensure efficient and reproducible Tangential Flow Filtration processing. The system has flow rates from 0.01 to 2300 mL/minute with one pump head and up to 3800 mL/min with two pump heads. The system has both audible and visual low and high pressure alarms for the inlet and permeate and a high-pressure pump shutoff that helps maintain membrane integrity and achieve high product recovery.


The KRIIi System for small volume microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications

The KrosFlo Research IIi TFF system comes with KF COMM, a software program that automatically
downloads and graphs the run data including inlet, retentate and transmembrane pressures and flow
rates, into a Microsoft? Excel? spreadsheet. The software allows data acquisition from two pump heads.
The software also allows multiple shutdown points based on total permeate mass selected.
 The disposable flow-path kit includes pressure transducers, tubing and fittings, which eliminate the
possibility of cross contamination, and allow samples to be concentrated down to as low as 1 ml.
 Other standard features include: a digital readout of the recirculation flow rate, the easy-to-use
KrosFlo Research IIi Pump Head, and adjustable holders that attach to the pump drive and secure the
 process vessels, Spectrum's Hollow Fiber Filters and the entire flow-path.
For safe operation an interlock shuts down the pump head when it is in the open position.
The KrosFlo Research IIi TFF System offers many conveniences over traditional cross-flow membrane systems. The compact fully integrated filtration system and hollow fiber filters provide faster and gentler separation while avoiding membrane fouling and maximizing product recovery.
Used in conjunction with KrosFlo Hollow Fiber membrane filters, the KrosFlo Research IIi TFF System offers the following advantages:
          -Faster processing times
          -Superior filtration dynamics
          -< 1ml TFF hold up volume
          -Single-Use Filtration Flow path
          -Lower costs
          -Direct and easy scale-up from R&D to production volumes

KrosFlo KRIIi Systems Components

The KRIIi has the KrosFlo Research II pump and pump head and the KrosFlo II digital pressure monitor integrated into one compact unit.
       KrosFlo Research IIi Pump 50/60 Hz 
         -Forward/reverse digital motor control, 0.1-600 RPM 
         -Predictive Flow for MasterFlex tubing sizes 13, 14, 16, 17 & 18
         -Predictive Flow for MasterFlex tubing sizes 13, 14, 16, 17 & 18
         -Programmable calibration
         -Certifications: ETL,cETL, CE marked and RoHS
         -IP33 Washdown Rating
         -Attached U stand to support filter flow path, reservoirs and optional automatic backpressure valve
      KrosFlo Research IIi Pump Head with 3 Stainless Steel Rollers
         -Four orientations (left, right, up & down)

      KrosFlo Digital Pressure Monitor
        -Digital LCD display with LED backlight
        -4 pressure measurements displayed
              * Inlet feed pressure
              * Retentate pressure
              * Permeate pressure
              * Transmembrane pressure (calculated)


KF Comm Data Collection Software

The KFComm Data Collection Software included with the system interfaces with a computer to download real time process operating information from the system to an Excel file. Information captured includes:
       -Inlet Feed pressure


       -Retentate pressure
       -Permeate pressure
       -Calculates and Trends:
       -Transmembrane pressure
       -Filtration Flux
       -Volumetric throughput
       -Water flux
       -Concentration Factor
The KrosFlo Research IIi "Octopus" Cable has multiple connections for all system components, including:
       -Connections for 3 pressure transducers (feed, retentate and permeate)
       -USB port for data capture on a computer
       -RS232 port to connect the optional Permeate Scale
       -RS232 port to connect the optional Back Pressure Valve
The Flow-path kit includes components needed to construct a flow path including:
       -Fittings for #13, 14, 16, 17 & 18 Tubing sizes
       -One each of 15mL, 50mL, 250mL 3 port conical bottom reservoirs
       -Packages of #14 and # 16 tubing
       -KrosFlo Filters are sold separately
The Starter Kit includes items needed to support the flow-path including
       -Reusable reservoir and filter holders
       -Flow restrictors
       -Bulb valve
       -Tie wraps
       -Tie Gun
       -21CFR Part 11 enabled when used with optional KF Comm Compliant Workbook and interface software
        package from Ofni Systems (ExcelSafe)


Spectrum's KrosFlo Research IIi TFF System meets strict quality control standards and is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of shipment.

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